A Symposium on Corey Robin’s The Enigma of Clarence Thomas

Over the course of this month, we are bringing together a group of scholars and graduate students to discuss Corey Robin’s recent book The Enigma of Clarence Thomas.

After my post on Thursday, January 9, over the next few weeks we will hear from Charles Zug (University of Texas, PhD candidate), William Adler (NEIU), Connor Ewing (University of Toronto), Jordan Carr Peterson (Texas Christian University), Jonathan Keller (Manhattan College), Nicole Garnett (Notre Dame Law School), and Melissa Murray (NYU Law School).

Look for notifications on Twitter as each new analysis of this important book appears. We are looking forward to this discussion.

Hello. My name is Calvin TerBeek and I’m a political science PhD candidate at the University of Chicago. My work is focused on party politics and judicial politics from the Progressive Era to Trump. More specifically, I’m interested in how party politics helped create the constitutional politics of the Democratic Party's legal liberalism and the GOP's constitutional originalism. Before coming to Hyde Park, I clerked for two judges and practiced commercial litigation for large and boutique firms. For more, please see my c.v. -- http://calvinterbeek.com/

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