Welcome to “A House Divided”

In simple terms, “A House Divided” brings together scholars who combine historical and theoretical tools to tackle important political questions. While we are all different in how we ask and answer these questions, we encourage our readers to look behind the significant issues of the day to see their origins. In short, “A House Divided” is committed to the idea that we cannot understand our current politics without also understanding how we arrived here.

In more “technical” language, “A House Divided” aims to use the toolkits of American Political Development, American Political Thought, historical institutionalism, and political and intellectual history to shine a light on our current politics. The animating idea is that American politics is best understood through the lens of timely, snapshot quantitative studies and situating American politics in historical and developmental context.

“A House Divided” aims, then, to carve out a currently unoccupied space: to provide for an educated lay and scholarly audience a site to place our current politics in a richer historical and theoretical context. Welcome!

Hello. My name is Calvin TerBeek and I’m a political science PhD candidate at the University of Chicago. My work is focused on party politics and judicial politics from the Progressive Era to Trump. More specifically, I’m interested in how party politics helped create the constitutional politics of the Democratic Party's legal liberalism and the GOP's constitutional originalism. Before coming to Hyde Park, I clerked for two judges and practiced commercial litigation for large and boutique firms. For more, please see my c.v. -- http://calvinterbeek.com/

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